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Irish Souvenirs Worth Buying in Ireland

You’ve been planning your Ireland vacation for months, but you haven’t really thought about the kinds of souvenirs you might want to pick up before you head home.

Irish souvenirs come in many shapes and forms, from pens, mugs, and coasters all way up to the more expensive items like crystal, pottery and Irish linen. Here are some ideas that make for the perfect souvenir for yourself or for family and friends.

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Irish Sweets

There’s no doubt that chocolate and other sweet treats just taste better in Ireland.
Photo: Rinelle, Getty Images Signature.

Maybe I’m biased but the chocolate alone is to die for. And in recent years, there’s been a growing number of confectionary choices that make for the perfect souvenir.

Some of those include Cadbury’s Chocolates, Butler’s Chocolates, Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolates, Guinness Chocolates, Lily O’Brien’s, and Bailey's Lir Chocolates, to name a few.

Aran Sweaters

Originally knitted by the wives of Aran Island fishermen, the Aran sweater has become synonymous with Ireland.
Photo: Media Production for Getty Images Signature.

Choose from handknit, hand-loomed, or machine-knit. Several shops throughout Ireland sell these souvenir favorites.

They include The Donegal Shop in the Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre in Dublin, the Kerry Woollen Mills in Killarney, Co. Kerry; O’Maille’s of Galway; Achill Knitwear in Achill, County Mayo; An Pucan Craft Shop in Kilronan, Inishmore (Aran Islands); and in the Blarney Woollen Mills shop in Cork and at the Shannon Irish Design Store in the Bunratty Castle Folk Park in County Limerick.

You’ll also get quality Irish wool blankets and throws at both the Kerry Woollen Mills and the Blarney Woollen Mills as well as in the Foxford Woollen Mills in Foxford, Co. Mayo.

Irish Linen

Irish linen is another iconic symbol of Ireland that dates to the late 17th century, most of it taking place in Ulster.
Photo courtesy of Givans Irish Linen Stores Ltd. Facebook.

Today, you can find Irish linen souvenirs across the island of Ireland.

You can purchase Irish linen products at Magee Clothing in Milltown, Co. Donegal; at Givan’s Linen Store in County Armagh, and in gift stores throughout Ireland.

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Donegal Tweed

Donegal Tweed has for years been the ultimate wearable souvenir.

You’ll find plenty of Donegal Tweed products at the Tweed store on Main Street, Donegal Town.
Photo: Stephen Bridger, Getty Images.

Choose from tweed jackets, caps, sweaters, capes, ponchos and so much more.

You can also find Irish tweed souvenirs in the Irish Design Store at the Dublin and Shannon duty-free and in other clothing stores across Ireland.

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Irish Whiskey

Another souvenir that is synonymous with Ireland is Irish whiskey.
A Bushmills Whiskey bottle. Photo: David Cordner for tourism Northern Ireland.

Invented by monks in the 12th century, Irish whiskey was the world’s most popular spirit until it took a downturn in the late 1800s.

In recent years, Irish whiskey production has experienced a resurgence, with lots of new distilleries opening across Ireland.

While you can most definitely purchase a bottle of your favorite whiskey during a whiskey tour, you can also pick up a whiskey bottle or other whisky-related souvenir at the Dublin or Shannon Airport duty-free shops.

Popular brands include Jameson, Bushmills, Tullamore DEW, and West Cork Distillery’s whiskey brands, among others.

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Waterford Crystal

Who doesn’t want a piece of Waterford Crystal as a souvenir of Ireland?

While the world-renowned crystal isn’t commercially produced in Ireland anymore, it is well worth taking a tour of the Waterford Crystal factory.
The House of Waterford Crystal where you can take a tour and purchase the famous crystal. Photo courtesy Patrick Browne for Failte Ireland.

The facility also contains a shop where a variety of Waterford Crystal products can be found, from crystalware, glasses, home decor, and other gifts.

Other popular crystal brands in Ireland include Galway Crystal, Dingle Crystal, and Tipperary Crystal.

Irish Pottery

Like Irish crystal, Irish pottery is also highly sought-after by visitors to Ireland.

The most popular Irish pottery brand is Belleek China, which houses a visitor’s center in County Fermanagh where you can sign up for a variety of experiences.
Belleek Pottery vases. Photo: Tourism Northern Ireland.

Belleek makes so much more than pottery these days and you can buy a variety of Belleek products, including its beautiful Belleek Living designer jewelry and Belleek Classic tea sets, mugs, vases, and more in several retail outlets throughout Ireland.

Other ceramic souvenirs can be found in craft shops across Ireland. Some of my favorites include Rosie’s Pottery Studio in Easkey, Co. Sligo (along the Wild Atlantic Way), the Moville Pottery shop/gallery in County Donegal, and the Nicholas Mosse shop in Kilkenny.

Guinness Souvenirs

If you visit the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, you’ll have the opportunity to pick up your very own Guinness souvenir.

a glass of beer Irish souvenirs
A glass of Guinness stout. Photo: Engin Akyurt(opens, Pexels.

Some of those include an engraved official Guinness pint glass, a variety of t-shirts and sweatshirts, vintage sign replicas, and more.

You’ll also find Guinness memorabilia at the airport duty-free.

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Irish Tea

Drinking tea is a national pastime in Ireland and you’ll discover why when you visit.

flowers in a box Irish souvenirs
Photo courtesy of Barry's Tea Facebook.

There’s nothing quite like a good cup of tea and a slice of Irish soda bread.

Two of the most popular brands of tea in Ireland include Lyons Tea made in Dublin and Barry’s Tea founded in Cork in 1901 by James J.Barry. You can easily pick them up in any supermarket across the country.

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Claddagh Ring

If you’re visiting Galway City, you can’t leave without stopping by Thomas Dillons Claddagh Gold store on Quay Street in Galway.

two rings Irish souvenirs
Two Claddagh rings, a symbol of Ireland. Photo: aksidesign for Getty Images.

This iconic store, with a museum/visitor center attached, is the original maker of the famous ring known for its enduring symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship.

Legend says that you must wear the ring on your right hand with the heart facing away from your body if you are single, on your right hand with the heart facing toward you if you are in a relationship, and on your left hand with the heart facing out to show that you are engaged.

a sign on the wall Irish souvenirs
The Thomas Dillon Claddagh Gold Museum in Galway, the original makers of the famous Claddagh ring. Photo: Stephen Power, Tourism Ireland.

If you are married, the ring can be worn as a wedding band on the left hand with the heart facing inward.

At the Legend of the Claddagh Ring, you’ll learn the history behind the famous ring and watch a jeweler at work making one. Admission is free.

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Newbridge Jewelry

Ireland is also known for creating a variety of high-quality silver jewelry.

Newbridge Jewelry is probably the most popular.
The Newbridge Visitor Centre. Photo: Newbridge Silverware Facebook.

You can buy a piece of Newbridge jewelry at the Kildare-based Newbridge Silverware Visitor Centre, which houses the brand’s complete range of products (not just jewelry) and some of its exclusive collections.

You can also buy it at jewelry stores and craft shops across Ireland and fin the airport duty-free.

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Connemara Marble

When in Connemara, Co. Galway, be sure to pick up a piece of Connemara marble, which is a rare variety of marble only found in this part of Ireland.

earrings in boxes Irish souvenirs
A selection of Connemara marble jewelry. Photo: Connemara Marble Facebook.

Because of its green color, it is strongly associated with Irish culture and identity and is a popular and convenient souvenir to pack in your suitcase.

You can pick it up in craft shops around Ireland, but it is particularly plentiful in the Connemara region. 

Irish Books

Ireland is well-known for producing some of the world’s greatest literary geniuses. So why not pick up a book by an Irish author while you’re there.

a store sign Irish souvenirs
Vibes and Scribes in Cork. Photo: Vibes & Scribes Bookstore Facebook.

By clicking on the Amazon links below, I may earn a small commission from the Amazon Associates Program, but only if you decide to buy something on the site. However, you will not incur any additional costs by doing so. 

According to Easons, Ireland’s top bookseller, the most popular books in Ireland this summer include Walking with Ghosts, by the Dublin-born actor Gabriel Byrne; Memoir, by John McGahern, Belonging: One Woman’s Search for Truth and Justice for the Tuam Babies, by Catherine Corless; A Song for Bridget, by Phyllis Whitsell; The Treaty, by Gretchen Friemann, the Old Ireland in Colour books, and so many others.

a room full of books Irish souvenirs
Kennys Bookshop in Galway. Photo: Kennys Bookshop Facebook.

Take the time to stop in Easons (located in several towns across Ireland) or if you’re in Galway, why not spend some time browsing through the collection of books at the famous Kenny’s Bookshop & Art Galleries.

Other Irish souvenirs that are worth picking up include Irish-themed magnets, mugs, pens, and small toys, many of which you’ll also find at the duty-free shops at Dublin and Shannon airports.

Things to Remember When Buying Irish Souvenirs

  • If the item you’re buying is too large or fragile, many large brands like Waterford Crystal and Belleek Pottery will ship it to your home country, so be sure to ask before purchasing.
  • Sign up for the Horizon Card so that you can shop for souvenirs free of value-added tax (VAT). You’ll even get a discount on your purchase of a Claddagh ring and other souvenirs mentioned above.
  • Use a bank card that waives the foreign transaction fees that are normally associated with buying with credit cards abroad. I recommend the Charles Schwab debit card, the Capital One Quicksilver credit card, or the Capital One Venture One Rewards credit cards.

What souvenirs are you thinking of buying when you get to Ireland? Let me know in the comments below.


Colette is a County Sligo native who created Ireland on a Budget to provide her readers with money-saving tips on how to get to Ireland and then save even more when they're there. She's a professional copywriter who lives in the New York area with her husband and two children.

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      Marilyn, cute t-shirts and other clothing is widely available for children in Ireland. The duty free shop in either Shannon and Dublin has a good selection. Maybe something with their name on it, if it’s an Irish name, but you can get Irish souvenirs with all names on them. Other things that you might want to consider include Ireland map puzzles and you might find other Irish-themed toys that they’d be interested in. Earrings if one of them is a girl and has her ears pierced.

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