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Ireland On a Budget is run by me, Colette Connolly. I'll be sharing lots of great information on travel to Ireland on a budget, so be sure to stop by often!

Who am I?

people standing on rocks travel to Ireland on a budget
Me, far right, my two kids and my husband pictured at the Giant's Causeway in County Antrim. Photo: Colette Connolly, Ireland on a Budget.

I'm an Irish transplant living in New York since 1986.

I am the oldest of four from County Sligo. I am married to Ed, an Irish-American, also with Sligo roots. We have two children, Niamh (for non-Irish natives, it's pronounced “Neve”) and Aidan.

For all of my working life (well, almost all of it!), I've been involved in marketing and p.r. I started out as a journalist for a small community newspaper in Westchester County, approximately 20 miles north of New York City, and later transitioned to school communications, which gave me the opportunity to work with local public schools.

In 2007, I established a freelance content marketing business, working primarily with small businesses and early-stage entrepreneurs.

I have also freelanced for a number of different publications, focusing on topics related to health and wellness, instructional technology, travel, and education.

Why create Ireland On a Budget?

To be honest, it has much to do with my natural interest in Ireland and sharing it with others, especially the millions of Americans who have never been there but desperately want to see what for many of them is the birthplace of their ancestors.

There's also a general perception (some of it well-founded) that Ireland is a really expensive place to visit.  I wanted to dispel that notion and so Ireland On a Budget, the travel website, was developed.

Listen to a recent interview I did with Love Ireland on my journey creating Ireland on a Budget and where I hope to take it.

You won't find any information on staying in Ireland's luxurious hotels and castles here.

Instead, I'll be dishing out the most up-to-date information I can get my hands on about making the most of your vacation in Ireland on a budget, of course!

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That's me on the top of Croagh Patrick in Co. Mayo, Ireland's holy mountain.

As you can see, the views are amazing!

woman on top of mountain travel to Ireland on a budget
Capturing beautiful Clew Bay in County Mayo. Photo: Colette Connolly, Ireland on a Budget.