Claddagh Ring2
Claddagh Ring2

Irish Gifts and Goodies to Buy for the Holidays

Looking for unique holiday gifts can be difficult these days given the dizzying amount of choices available online and in the stores.

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Choosing an Ireland-themed gift can be even more difficult if you don’t know what to search for.

Whether your friends and family love Irish food, books, jewelry, pottery, or prints of Ireland, there are several ideas in this post to help get that holiday list checked off.

Get Reminders Daily of Ireland in a 2024 Calendar

You'll find an array of 2024 calendars online but one of my all-time favorites is the annual calendar created by James O’Donnell Photography  featuring his adorable border collies Iggy and Frida in various locations across beautiful County Donegal.
See images like this one in the new 2024 “Gallivanting with Iggy and Frida” calendar. Photo courtesy of James O'Donnell Photography.

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This National Geographic 2024 wall calendar is also worth exploring and features scenes from across the island of Ireland.

Ireland Gift Boxes and Baskets

Send a taste of Ireland to your friends and family this holiday season.
A Butler's hamper offered on The Irish Store website. This is among several Irish gifts and goodies you can give loved ones this holiday season. Image courtesy of The Irish Store.

You’ll find the widest collection of Irish sweet stuff on the The Irish Store website, including luxury chocolates from Butlers, hand-made cookies from West Cork, tea and coffee from the iconic Bewleys of Dublin, and so much more.

glasses of whiskey 10 undiscovered whiskey distilleries in Ireland
Photo: Oleksandra Naumenko.

Give an Irish Whiskey Gift this Holiday Season

Ireland Tea Gifts

When you can’t be in Ireland, there’s no reason you can’t have a box of Irish tea to brew in your own home.

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You can purchase Irish tea and other popular and much-loved Irish food products on the Food Ireland website or other tea-related gifts from the selection below on Amazon.

Books to Remind You of Ireland

If you’re curious about what Irish people and scenes from 100 years or so ago might have looked like in color, then purchasing any one or more of the fascinating coffee table book series titled, “Old Ireland in Colour” will definitely satisfy that curiosity.

people sitting on grass outside a cottage experience Ireland's past
Local people in Gweedore, Co. Donegal, posing for the photographer during a time when evictions in this area were high. The original black and white photo was taken by Robert French. Source: National Library of Ireland.

The contents of the three books have been carefully colorized by the book’s co-authors, Professor John Breslin and Dr. Sarah-Anne Buckley,  both of NUI Galway, who created a fascinating look into the Ireland of old.

Read More: Experience Ireland's Past in Living Color

Sean Fitzgerald Celtic Knot Designs

Are you interested in Celtic designs that are inspired by nature, folklore, and mythology?

If so, you’ll find Sean Fitzgerald’s artwork fascinating.

The artist, based in County Donegal, is a master at creating intricate designs depicting pagan Ireland.

a Celtic design Irish gifts and goodies
One of the beautiful illustrations created by artist Sean Fitzgerald, one of the Irish gifts and goodies available to customers worldwide. The title, in Gaelic, translates to: “Under the shelter of each other, people survive.” Image provided by Sean Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald says he was raised on stories of Irish mythology, including those of Cú Chulainn, Fionn mac Cumhaill (Fionn McCool), and the Fianna, “which were just as exciting as Hollywood movies to me,” he says.

When he left school, he began building traditional Irish currachs, studying ancient marine culture, and later started illustrating Celtic knotwork.

You can find his beautiful posters, prints, books and jewelry on his website.

Purchase a Bookmark or an Itinerary Guide from the Ireland as a Holiday Gift from the Ireland on a Budget Etsy Store

The Aran Sweater

Did you know that the Aran sweater is named after the Aran Islands off the County Galway coast?

white sweaters Irish gifts and goodies
Photo: Media Production for Getty Images Signature.

Also known as the fisherman’s sweater, the clothing has become a major fashion statement of Irish culture and Irishness in general.
The sweater and other similar accessories make for a wonderful holiday gift for your mom, sister, cousin or aunt.

Irish Wool Gifts

The Blarney Woollen Mills in County Cork is well known but so is the Foxford Woollen Factory in County Mayo, where for decades, fine Irish wool products have been woven, including the company's traditional blankets.
Foxford Woollen Mills located in Foxford, Co. Mayo. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

These days, you'll find a lot more than blankets at these woolen stores and others across Ireland. Popular wool gifts on The Irish Store website include men's caps, scarves for both men and women, sweaters, children's clothing, and more.

Give the Elegant Gift of Irish China

Belleek China is one of Ireland’s most successful pottery companies and graces the homes of many Irish residents and lovers of Ireland abroad.

The company based in Belleek, County Fermanagh, makes everything from tea sets to vases, figurines and larger sculptures.

Why not give the gift of Belleek China to someone you care about and who wants to be reminded of Ireland?

Shop for Belleek China on the Irish Store website.

cups. plates and ornaments Irish gifts and goodies
Image courtesy of The Irish Store.


A Watercolor Print of Ireland

Giving someone the gift of Ireland through a watercolor print is a thoughtful holiday gesture.

cliffs and the ocean Irish gifts and goodies
Photo: pawopa3336.

You'll find sketches of popular attractions like The Cliffs of Moher, traditional Irish cottages, castles, round towers, maps and more on Etsy, the popular online marketplace for unique, one-of-a-kind items.

Irish Jewelry

The Claddagh ring is just one of the iconic pieces of Irish jewelry that makes for a great Irish-themed holiday gift.

Did you know that the hands on the iconic piece of jewelry signify friendship, that the crown signifies loyalty, and that the heart signifies love?

a ring with a blue stone Irish gifts and goodies
A Claddagh ring is among the Irish gifts and goodies that people who love Ireland will appreciate. Photo: TorriPhoto for Getty Images.

The ring first made its appearance on this side of the Atlantic in the 19th century when emigration from Ireland was at its highest. The Celtic Knot Jewelry Company has an array of beautiful jewelry to choose from for both women and men. Check out some of the merchandise that is on the company website and get 15% or more off on certain items.

Christmas Ornaments

Looking to add a piece of Ireland to your Christmas tree? You'll find an assortment of them on the Etsy platform as well as at Creative Irish Gifts.

Are there any Irish gifts and goodies that you might recommend for this list? If so, let me know in the comments below or contact me on Facebook or by email at [email protected].


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