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Titanic Distillers' new Irish whiskey on display as the new Belfast attraction gets set to open. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

Titanic Distillers to Open in Belfast

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The historic Titanic Pump House in Belfast’s Titanic Quarter, which at one time could drain a staggering 21 million gallons of water in just over 90 minutes out of Titanic’s dry dock, will soon open as the city’s first whiskey distillery and visitor center.

Exterior view of Titanic's Dock and Pump House. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

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The large Edwardian pump house building was constructed in 1911 to accommodate the creation of the White Star Line’s Olympic, Titanic, and Britannic ocean liners.

Owners of the new whiskey distillery have kept all the original pump equipment and internal features of the building, and as a result, have preserved its historical integrity for future generations to enjoy.

It is the first distillery in the city to open in over 100 years that will be producing quality malt Irish whiskey.

a man leading a tour Titanic Distillers
A tour group visits the dry dock located next to the Titanic Pump House in Belfast. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

Visitors to Belfast’s latest attraction will be asked to “clock in” as workers did more than 100 years ago.

Afterward, they’ll get to view the workings of the distillery and hear the story of Belfast’s whiskey tradition.

Belfast was once the largest producer of Irish whiskey on the island of Ireland, as well as being the most industrialized city on the island of Ireland in the early 20th century, producing linen and rope, in addition to housing one of the world's largest shipyards at the time.

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 Growing Distilleries in Northern Ireland

Titanic Distillers is just one of a growing number of new distilleries in Northern Ireland, some of which include the Hinch Distillery located on the Killaney Estate in County Down and the Mourne Dew Distillery located in the beautiful Mournes region, also in County Down.

a building with a sign in front of it Titanic Distillers
The Hinch Distillery in County Down. Photo: Jamie Cotter, Hinch Distillery.

Northern Ireland is also home to the world’s oldest working distillery, Bushmills, which was established in 1608.

Visitors to the new Titanic Distillers can continue their Titanic journey by visiting the nearby dry dock where the Titanic was fitted out before her launch.

The dock is 853 feet long (260 meters) long and at the time it was constructed, was the largest dry dock in the world.

a large white building Titanic Distillers
The exterior of Titanic Belfast, the city's most popular tourist attraction, which is open year-round. Photo: Titanic Belfast.

The Titanic Pump House is also within walking distance of the multi-award-winning Titanic Belfast, Northern Ireland’s number one tourist attraction.

Spanning six floors, it includes nine floors of interpretive and interactive galleries that explore the sights, sounds, smells, and stories of the famous liner, as well as the city, shipyard and people that made the famous liner.

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