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The exterior of Titanic Belfast, the city's most popular tourist attraction, which is open year-round. Photo: Titanic Belfast.

New Titanic Experience to Open in March

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Titanic Belfast will reopen on March 4th with four exciting new galleries.

One of the new exhibitions at Titanic Belfast. Photo: Yvonne Witte.

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The newest theme at the reimagined Titanic Experience is being called “The Pursuit of Dreams” and includes the use of immersive technology to tell the Titanic story.

Visitors to Belfast's most popular tourist attraction can experience this latest Titanic theme in four specially created spaces called Never Again, Ballard’s Quest, The Ship of Dreams, and The Lasting Legacy.

Guests will discover the hopes and dreams of those impacted by the iconic ship.

They include a look at the lives and stories of the passengers who had dreams of starting a new life in America, as well as those who built the ship in Belfast and those who discovered her wreck.

the bottom of a model ship new titanic experience
Photo: Yvonne Witte.

One of the centerpieces of the new experience is an illuminated 7.6-meter-long (24.9 feet) scale model of RMS Titanic.

The new model will be illuminated and suspended from the ceiling, taking approximately 90 seconds to fully rotate and is expected to be a real crowd pleaser.

a model of a ship new titanic experience
Photo: Yvonne Witte.

The model is replicated on a 1:35 scale and boasts some of the main features of the iconic ship, including its lifeboats, propellers, engine, cranes, bridge, main staircase, and chimneys.

Designed by OPERA Amsterdam, the display will be fitted with 300 meters (984 feet) of LED lights that are programmed to highlight different areas of the ship in line with the stories that are being told.

The replica ship is the largest model the company has ever created, taking six months to build. It is expected to take a further three weeks to install and program.

Other Exhibits to Explore at Titanic Belfast

Other exhibits in this six-story museum include a floor devoted to Belfast's history as an industrial city and its involvement in shipyard building, linen, ropemaking, and whiskey distilling.

One of the exhibition areas in Titanic Belfast. Photo: Chris Hill for Tourism Ireland. 

The Launch portrays scenes from the day the ship launched on May 31, 1911.

Other exhibitions include the Fit-Out, which includes a large-scale model of Titanic to illustrate how the ship appeared to the passengers and the crew, including its three classes of cabins.

Launch of the Titanic in Belfast in May 1911. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

The ship’s disastrous maiden voyage is depicted in the gallery called The Maiden Voyage.

This includes an account of its journey from Belfast to Southampton in England and from there to Cherbourg, France, and finally to Cobh, where the last passengers boarded.

The sixth gallery portrays the sinking of the ship, with the sound of the Morse code in the background.

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