The Gobbins County Antrim
The Gobbins County Antrim

The Gobbins New Tours Announced

The Gobbins Cliff Path, a popular tourist attraction in Northern Ireland, has reopened and is now offering five new specialty tours.
The Gobbins Cliff Path. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

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The cliffside attraction has been called the most dramatic coastal walk in Europe.

Built on the edge of the cliffs on the North Channel, the Gobbins path stretches for two miles along the beautiful Coastal Causeway in County Antrim.

The dramatic path was created by Berkeley Deane Wise, a railway engineer, at the turn of the 20th century.

The intention was to create an accessible tourist attraction from Belfast.
The dramatic cliff path at The Gobbins in County Antrim. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

When it was opened to the public in 1902, the admission was sixpence to view what was described as a “perfect marvel of engineering.”

Today, the Gobbins Path is as dramatic as ever, with its original tubular bridge and several other, newer bridges, together with stone-carved staircases that bring visitors through caves and into under-sea tunnels.

Here’s a look at the new specialty tours.

Tales of the Sea

This is a three-hour journey that delves into the Causeway Coast’s seafaring and maritime history.

Visitors will hear intriguing stories of smugglers, Vikings, and shipwrecks as they let their imagination take them back in time.

When Spells Go Wrong – The Tale of the Dragon-Witch

This family-friendly tour includes tales of fairies, witches, dragons, and smugglers while visitors travel through The Gobbins’ towering giant stones and dimly lit caves.

The Gobbins Through a Lens

A 4-hour photography tour that gives visitors the chance to capture the magnificent beauty of the powerful churning waves and all the nature that exists along this rugged landscape.

penguins on a cliff The Gobbins New Tours
Penguins sit on a ledge at The Gobbins Cliffs in Northern Ireland. Photo: © Tourism Ireland photographed by Stefan Schnebelt.

The guided, adult-only experience gives participants lots of time to shoot plants, unique rock formations, and wildlife in this designated Area of Special Scientific Interest.

The Gobbins: An Ulster-Scots Heritage Tour

Anyone with an interest in Scots-Irish history will want to take this tour that delves into the centuries-old traditions that Northern Ireland shares with Scotland, including the impact that it has had on the local language.

views of the ocean from a viewing stand The Gobbins new tours
The viewing area at The Gobbins. Photo: © Tourism Ireland photographed by Stefan Schnebelt.

Stunning views are of course an integral part of this insightful historical and cultural journey.


Brace the Elements: A Bracing Tour of The Gobbins Cliff Path

The Irish weather can be dramatic and that is particularly true in a place like The Gobbins.

Participants on this tour will spend three hours in blustery weather conditions as they take on the lower cliff.

The reward: fabulous views over the North Channel, where seals, dolphins, and porpoises make their homes.

people standing on a tubular bridge The Gobbins new tours
Visitors on The Gobbins tour stop on the tubular bridge, which was built at the beginning of the 20th century but has been upgraded since. Photo: Arthur Ward, Tourism Ireland.

Waterproof rain jackets or similar clothing are recommended, as well as sturdy walking boots. No backpacks are allowed.

A reasonable level of fitness is required to complete any of these tours.

The Gobbins Cliff Path is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. (April through October). Visitors must first go to the information center to listen to the attraction's safety rules and requirements.

Admission is as follows: adults, £20; children (up to 16), students and seniors over 65, £14.50; and families, £42. Admission to The Gobbins is free for registered carers.

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