Jameson Whiskey Bottles
Jameson Whiskey Bottles

Jameson Distillery Bow St. Wins Award

The Jameson Distillery Bow St. in Dublin has been named “Europe's Leading Distillery Tour.”

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This is the fourth year that the 241-year-old distillery company has won the award, which is handed out by the World Travel Awards.

In 2018, 2019, and 2020, it was also named “Europe's Leading Distillery Tour.”

bottles of whiskey on shelves Jameson Distillery Bow St.
Jameson whiskey bottles. Photo: Nataliia Zhekova.

The Jameson brand beat out competitors like Hennessey, Macallan, Jack Daniels, and Jose Cuervo in a contest that is known to insiders as the “Oscars of the travel industry.”

The Jameson Whiskey Distillery was established in 1780 by John Jameson, originally a lawyer from Scotland.

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By the turn of the 19th century, it had become the second-largest producer of whiskey in Ireland and one of the largest in the world.

You can follow in the footsteps of the founder on a 40-minute guided tour led by a Jameson Ambassador.

The Old Jameson Distillery Visitor Centre at the Jameson Distillery Bow St. in Dublin. Photo: Tourism Ireland.

The “Bow St. Experience Tour” includes an explanation of the whiskey-making process, focusing on the ingredients that the company uses, as well as the primary innovations that have made Jameson the number one whiskey in Ireland.

The cost of the tour is €25 for adults and €19 for students with an ID and seniors over 65.

The visitor center offers additional experiences, including the 60-minute whiskey cocktail-making masterclass for €50 and the whiskey blending class for €60.

You can gain free admission with the Dublin Pass. Save up to 20% if you purchase the pass before Dec. 31, 2020.

The Jameson distillery in Dublin is where the original facility was based.

large whiskey vat Jameson Whiskey Distillery
The Jameson Distillery at Midleton, Cork. Photo: Chris Hill for Tourism Ireland.

In 1975, production was moved to its base in Midleton, Co. Cork.

Get a sneak peek into the distillery tour by taking a virtual tour first.

The experience includes an interview with Stephen Heffernan, the artist behind the Bow St. mural as well as the limited edition Jameson whiskey bottle.

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Other Whiskey Experiences in Dublin to Enjoy

While there are three competing distilleries to enjoy in Dublin, including Roe & Co. Distillery, the Teeling Whiskey Distillery, and The Dublin Liberties Distillery, if you’re looking for in-depth education on the production of whiskey in Ireland, the Irish Whiskey Museum is the place to go.

Located across from the main entrance to Trinity College, a visit to the Irish Whiskey Museum will give you the story of Irish whiskey, from its introduction in Ireland by monks as early as 1,000 A.D. to its downfall during the 20th century right to up its present-day resurgence.

Located in a historic building on Grafton Street, the museum’s four rooms represent a different period in Irish history and how that ties into the country’s whiskey production.

Tours are available and include a tasting of three or four different whiskeys.

If you’re interested in a virtual whiskey tasting, check out this Eventbrite page for more details.

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