Bloomsday Festival Dublin lead
Bloomsday Festival Dublin lead

James Joyce’s Ulysses Novel Turns 100

Did you know that the publication of James Joyce's Ulysses masterpiece turns 100 years old on February 2nd?

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The iconic novel elevated Joyce as one of the globe’s greatest writers and put his home city of Dublin on the world map.

While there will be celebrations the world over to mark the publication of the historic novel, Dublin — known as the UNESCO City of Literature — is planning a range of events to celebrate its native son.

They will include readings, food and walking tours, exhibitions, music, theatre performances, and more, all scheduled between Feb. 2 and June 16th, which is known among Joyceans as “Bloomsday” in honor of the novel’s central character, Leopold Bloom.

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Joyce was apparently superstitious about the book's Feb. 2, 1922, launch, which coincided with his 40th birthday.

Where to Enjoy the James Joyce Ulysses Celebration

The Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI) will be the focal point of the James Joyce Ulysses celebration.
The Museum of Literature in Dublin, otherwise known as MoLI. Photo courtesy of Tourism Ireland.

The popular tourist attraction is home to “Copy No. 1” of the novel.

It will be launching “Ulysses 100,” a new digital platform and a guide to some of the international events that are celebrating the novel’s anniversary.

The platform will also include online exhibits, articles, and films related to the book.

MoLi is also expected to host a series of events throughout the year when artists, writers, and performers will be invited to discuss Ulysses and its impact on the literary world.

They will be broadcast online to help global audiences connect with the novel. 

By clicking on the Amazon link below, I may earn a small commission from the Amazon Associates Program, but only if you decide to buy something on the site. However, you will not incur any additional costs by doing so. 

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a living room James Joyce Ulysses
The historic rooms at the Museum of Literature Ireland (MoLI). Photo: Tourism Ireland.

The literary museum, which is located in University College Dublin’s Newman House on Stephen’s Green, will also be hosting special tours of its interior, where Joyce studied as a young man.

UCD Newman House is a complex of two of the city’s finest Georgian townhouses as well as the university’s Victorian Assembly Hall – now occupied by the museum.

The James Joyce Centre will also be highlighting the centenary celebration on Feb. 2nd.

Another one of the city’s stunning townhouses, the center has many connections to Joyce and his works, including housing the original door from No. 7 Eccles Street, Bloom’s address in the novel.

a black door James Joyce Ulysses
The No 7 Eccles Street Door at the James Joyce Centre in Dublin. Photo: Pointillist at en.Wikipedia Public Domain,

The center is hosting an exhibition of paintings by Aidan Hickey that chart the 18 episodes of Ulysses, as well as an exhibition of unseen archival material that once belonged to the English painter Frank Budgen, a close friend of Joyce.

Walking tours will also be available from the center beginning in February, which will include famous sites from the novel.

The annual Bloomsday Festival is organized by the James Joyce Center and will take place, as it does every year, from June 11th to the 16th.

a man with a breakfast plate in his hand James Joyce Ulysses
A Bloomsday traditional Irish breakfast. Photo: Ruth Medjber

The literary celebration usually includes readings, musical concerts, pub crawls, and more.

This year’s event will include ways on how to connect with Ulysses.

Other plans in the works include music, tours, theatre performances, and talks in the historic locations mentioned in the novel, such as the James Joyce Tower in Sandycove and Davy Byrnes’ pub.

From June 12-18, Trinity College and UCD will host the 28th International James Joyce Symposium, a must-attend event for all Joyceans.

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