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The Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Photo: Tara Morgan for Failte Ireland.

Guinness Storehouse Unveils Exclusive Tour

The Guinness Storehouse, Dublin's most popular tourist attraction, unveiled a  tour in 2020 to give visitors a unique, behind-the-scenes look at how the famous stout is brewed in Dublin.

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Now that the tour is fully open, why not include it in your Dublin travel itinerary?

building Guinness storehouse
The exterior of the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Photo: Tara Morgan for Tourism Ireland.

The experience includes a tour of the Roast House, where the barley for the famous stout is brewed to 232 degrees Celsius.

A new attraction at the Guinness Storehouse is called The STOUTie, which gives visitors the opportunity to order a pint of Guinness with their own selfie on the head of the iconic black and white stout.

Before entering the brewery's infamous underground tunnel that leads to Brewhouse 4, where the stout is brewed today, you'll learn about the founder of the Guinness Brewery, Arthur Guinness.

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A portrait of Arthur Guinness, the founder of the famous Guinness brand. Photo: Public Domain.

Unknown to many is the fact that Guinness and his parents were servants of Dr. Arthur Price, a Church of Ireland archbishop.

Price left £100 to Guinness and his father and with that money, the young Arthur set up his first brewery in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.

The guided tour, which is open to small groups of up to 12 people, will bring you to some of the oldest parts of the Dublin brewery.
The old railway line at the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin. Photo: Creative Commons.

They include the 200-year-old Vat Houses, where the stout was left to mature for months before being distributed all over the world.

Walk along the old railway line, an eight-mile-long narrow gauge system that wound its way into the actual brewery itself.

Because the company had expanded so much by 1873, a railway system was needed to carry materials around, as well as taking casks of stout to barges moored on the River Liffey.

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According to some historians, the company even had a safe on wheels that took weekly wages around the brewery.

On the tour, you'll also get an insight into the unique ingredients that were used back then and today to make the Guinness stout.

a glass of stout Guinness storehouse
A glass of Guinness stout. Photo: Engin Akyurt(opens, Pexels.

In the Roast House, tour guides will explain the science behind the unique brew and how its aroma and flavor are achieved.

This behind-the-scenes tour at the Guinness Storehouse also includes a tutored beer and food pairing session in the Guinness Open Gate Brewery, the company's experimental brewery.

a plate of seafood with a glass of Guinness Guinness Storehouse
What you can expect at the Guinness Storehouse restaurant. Photo: ©Diageo for Tourism Ireland.

Discover what foods perfectly complement a pint of Guinness and leave with a gift and photos of the experience.

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