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Conor Clarke Jordan McKee and Ellen Fitzsimmons scaled

Titanic Belfast Found in Popular Kids’ Book

Titanic Belfast, one of Northern Ireland's most popular attractions, is featured in the latest of the series of  “Mr. Men” books for children.

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people holding children's book at Titanic Belfast
“Mr. Men in Ireland” is available for purchase at Titanic Belfast. Photo courtesy of Titanic Belfast.

“Mr. Men in Ireland” and other “Mr. Men” titles are written by English author Roger Hargreaves.

In the recently published book, the main character experiences the world's most famous ship through the exhibition's nine interpretive galleries, as well as hopping on the SS Nomadic, the last remaining ship of the famous White Star Line.

a large white building Titanic Belfast
Titanic Belfast, just one of the many attractions you can enjoy in Northern Ireland's largest city. Photo: Failte Ireland.

It is the character's first stop in Belfast, part of an epic journey through Ireland as he seeks to help “Mr. Quiet,” who has traditionally spoken very little.

The hope is that if the character in Mr. Men can get Mr. Quiet to the Blarney Stone in Co. Cork, then he will learn to chat more.

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The “Mr. Men” book is available in the Titanic Belfast store, but you can also purchase it online.

Some of the not-to-be-missed highlights at Titanic Belfast for kids include:

  • The Shipyard Ride, where kids can explore the sights, sounds, smells, and stories of the shipyard, all on a special cable car ride and in the process, learn more about the people who built the world’s most famous ship.
  • The Launch, where you can overlook the gigantic Slipways and see the full scale of the RMS Titanic.
  • The Fit Out, where you can see the splendor of the RMS Titanic fit at the replica cabins and see what the crew and passengers would have seen as you take a journey through the different floors of the ship.

    a large theater screen Titanic Belfast
    The theater inside Titanic Belfast. Photo: Chris Hill, Tourism Ireland.
  • The Immersive Theater, where you can travel into the depths of the ocean and discover the Titanic's final resting place through the glass floor.
  • SS Nomadic, where you can hop on board the famous tender for Titanic, which is a quarter her size in every dimension. This will give you the opportunity to get as close to walking in the footsteps of the Titanic passengers as possible.

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