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Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Explore Magical Ireland with Keogh Tours

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In Partnership with Keogh Tours–If you think that visitors to Ireland are the only ones who find the country enchanting, talk to Anton Keogh, co-founder of Keogh Tours who has traveled the world and hasn’t found anything to compare with the magic and beauty of the Emerald Isle.

a van keogh tours
Enjoy Ireland in style thanks to Keogh Tours' modern vehicles. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Keogh, along with long-time friend Thelma Barrett, set up the popular tour company in 2018, combining their knowledge, past tourism and hospitality sector experience, as well as their love for Ireland and its raw natural beauty into a premier boutique tour company, with the client experience at its epicenter.

Customer Service, a Guiding Principal at Keogh Tours

A deep understanding of what it takes to look after a client’s needs has turned into a win-win for the County Kildare-based tour provider and something interesting has come out of it as the entrepreneurial partners have turned clients into lifelong lovers of Ireland and its culture.

two people keogh tours
From left, Anton Keogh and Thelma Barrett. Images provided by Keogh Tours.

Like Keogh, Barrett’s passion stems from a strong hospitality background, having had the experience of welcoming clients to Ireland for decades.

Leading the company by what she calls an “uncompromising example,” Barrett works with Keogh to keep the needs of the customer front and center.

“What I have learned along the way is to make every detail count, to double-check and triple-check everything.

people in a horse and trap keogh tours
Keogh Tours clients taking a ride on one of the jaunting carts in Killarney. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

“My passion is, without a doubt, travel combined with customer care, and when clients come back and say they have a lifetime of memories to cherish from their experience I helped plan, I feel fulfilled in my career,” adds Barrett.

What to Expect From a Keogh Tours Experience

For the last few years, the company has been going from strength to strength, welcoming an increasing number of private groups from around the world.

The company provides fully-guided private tours to all four corners of Ireland.

A typical trip is based upon an initial consultation with a client, after which an itinerary is formed to accommodate the best possible route.

large rocks in the ocean keogh tours
Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Destinations included on a typical itinerary can range from Kinsale, Cork City, Cashel and Blarney to the Ring of Kerry, the Cliffs of Moher, Galway, and Connemara as well as Donegal, Belfast, and Northern Ireland’s Coastal Causeway region.

“Each client is different,” says Keogh. “Typically, during one of our first interactions with clients, we discuss what their interests are and how many days they would like to spend in Ireland.

a castle by a lake keogh tours
Kylemore Abbey is a favorite destination for many Keogh Tours customers.

“We then create an itinerary and include their favorite stops. This allows them to travel worry-free as they do not have to think about timing or navigating the tricky Irish terrain.

“Of course, the more time clients have in Ireland, the more we can show them; the hardest thing is deciding what to leave for the next trip.”

Why Keogh Tours is the Perfect Choice for Your 2024 Ireland Vacation

As a custom tour operator, Keogh Tours can design tours based on clients’ personal preferences, while at the same time offering suggestions on what is available in each area of Ireland.

boats on a river keogh tours
Boating and other outdoor activities can be worked into your Keogh Tours itinerary. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

While the island of Ireland is small, there’s a wide variety of activities to choose from, including sheepdog demonstrations, surfing and other outdoor pursuits, as well as Irish dancing nights and medieval banquets.

Former clients will tell you that Keogh Tours driver-guides love to switch things up, making each day’s experience totally different from the previous one.

Ross Castle in County Kerry, a frequent stop on many Keogh Tours excursions. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

When visiting Ireland with a private driver-guide, clients can experience centuries old castles set amongst the country’s stunning natural beauty and then get to meet the locals and taste some of the best culinary delights in the world.

At the end of each tourist season, Keogh says he and Barrett gather their team together to see how they can add something new to their offerings.

Smoked salmon on Irish soda bread is a favorite among tourists visiting Ireland. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

“We travel the length and breath of the country to add new experiences for incoming clients; it isn’t just a case of rinse-and-repeat here at Keogh Tours.”

With some of the best driver-guides in the country, all keen to deliver engaging, genuine content to each client, it’s not surprising that you’ll find everyone connected to Keogh Tours has a genuine passion for what they do.

“It’s all about delivering the best possible service to our valued guests,” adds Keogh.

What Makes Keogh Tours Different from Other Tour Companies in Ireland?

Through their experience and knowledge generated over many years in the industry, Keogh Tours has been able to provide real value for money when it comes to the company’s tour offerings.

Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Barrett says her long-standing relationships with top industry suppliers allow her to provide clients with extraordinary variety — “from small, comfortable hotels, to world-class luxury resorts, to exclusive, intimate hideaways — all at extremely competitive prices.”

What’s even more, Keogh Tours chooses the best vehicles, updating them regularly to provide a safe and comfortable transport solution for its clients.

Their tours are strictly private, which means that the group is never rushed from location to location. Tours are custom-made for each client, and drivers are flexible to accommodate customers’ needs.

Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Using the best 4- and 5-star hotels, clients are sure to get the best accommodation and service available each and every time.

The company’s driver-guides have unique inside knowledge, meaning that while all the well-known spots are included, some off-the-beaten-path areas are also.

“The best experiences are the spontaneous ones,” says Keogh, “ones that happen only because you are in great company and in the right place at the right time.

Beautiful scenes like this one in County Mayo is what you can expect to see on a Keogh Tours itinerary. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

“That’s where we excel. Our drivers and guides are friendly, knowledgeable folks that are always up for a laugh and a joke, while remaining professional and providing excellent customer service.”

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Meet Driver-Guide Joseph O’Dwyer

Joseph O’Dwyer joined the company in the summer of 2023, having worked as a driver-guide for many years prior to that.

Joseph O'Dwyer is an experienced driver-guide for Keogh Tours. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

With a passion for traveling, experiencing new cultures, and meeting new people, O’Dwyer, a highly educated and seasoned military veteran, is the perfect addition to the company.

He has visited over 30 countries, including the pyramids of Gisa and Chichen Itza. He has also enjoyed adventurous pursuits around the world, such as skiing in Bosnia and Australia as well as sky diving and black water rafting in New Zealand, in addition to white water rafting on the Nile.

O'Dwyer and other Keogh Tours' drivers won't hesitate to stop in the middle of the Irish countryside so guests can capture cute moments like these. Photo courtesy of Keogh Tours.

Over the course of his professional career, O’Dwyer acquired 35 years of service in the Irish Defence Forces and the Engineering Corps, as well as completing several overseas military tours of duty in the Middle East and Eastern Europe (UN & EUFOR/NATO).

He also holds an HONS Degree in Global Supply Chain Management.

“I enjoy meeting new clients from different countries and showing them the many fantastic places that make Ireland so special,”says O’Dwyer, who can’t wait to take the next group of travelers around the country.

Additional Services

Keogh Tours provides transportation for visitors who want to do self-guided tours, which means that they set their own itinerary, including booking their own accommodation but don’t want the hassle of driving themselves.

The beautiful Ballyliffin golf course in County Donegal. Photo: © Chris Hill Photographic for Tourism Ireland.

They also cater to visitors who are in Ireland on a golf trip, for a wedding, or those who are doing business in Ireland.

In addition, the company also offers private hire group transport for groups of people who are in Ireland for a special event.

You can reach Keogh or Barrett by going to the Contact page on the company’s official website. Feel free to text or call the company for free on WhatsApp.


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